Beacon Sounder
Ultra bright, ultra loud

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  • Ultra Bright RGB LED
  • Different colors and patterns
  • 107 dB at 1 meter
  • Various sounds
  • Compact design
  • Easy to program
Application Support

Product Detail

There are many types of alarms and lights available with many different features and sizes. All these designs have their own advantages and disadvantages, but these designs are not suitable for our applications. 7Solutions has developed a beacon sounder, which is ideal as alarm bar for the AirWatch and many other applications.

BRIGHT AND LOUD. The beacon sounder, developed by 7Solutions, has 36 ultra-bright RGB LEDs for colored lighting. The sounder in the beacon produces 107 dB at one meter distance. This is more than enough to hear an alarm and is ideal for use in gas detection applications.

The beacon sounder is equipped with ultra-bright LED lighting, even clearly visible during daytime. The sound is optimally amplified and distributed through the specially designed sound cone. The compact design of the beacon sounder is well applicable to our AirWatch.

The beacon sounder can be digitally controlled by the AirWatch and can be installed with our AirWatch configuration software. For other applications, the beacon sounder can be controlled on analog way. The above connections on the PCB are accessible easily, on purpose. Through its compact design, the beacon sounder is suitable for many applications.

  • 1 to 64 addressable sensors
  • 1-16 direct 4~20mA sensors - 2/3 wire
  • 1 - 8 plug in direct catalytic cards
  • Network up to 16 controllers enabling up to 1024 addressable sensors + direct sensors
  • Single 4 core sensor network (addressable)
  • Parameter set up via pc or front panel
  • 3 alarm levels with time to alarm option
  • Addressable relay module - 4, 8 and 32 way option
  • Continuous data logging via pc - option (combi soft)
  • Automatic safety check diagnostics/system surveillance
  • System management via remote access
Dimensions92 x 80 mm Dia x H
Weight250 g
Attachment4x M4x35 bolts.
ColorsRGB LED. Standard with Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and different flashing patterns.
Sound Different types of alarmsounds.
Sound volume107 dB at 1 meter
Power supply9-30V DC (min 4W)
Stand-by currentmax 10mA
Trigger voltage positive6-30V DC
Trigger voltage groundmin 6V DC below supply
Cable diametertmax 0.5mm2 (24 to 20AWG) Stranded core.