Sensor Series For Combustible, Toxic Gases And O2

Microprocessor-based gas sensor with 4-20 mA / RS 485 output signal for monitoring the ambient air and detecting flammable gases and vapours, toxic gases and oxygen with different sensor elements. The gas sensor is available in the types ''Ex dem [ib]'' (also to be opened in Zone 1 at any time) and ''Ex d'' (only to be opened in Zone 2 at any time).

Key Features:

  • ATEX and IEX Ex certifications;
  • Safety integration level 2 (SIL2);
  • Continuous monitoring;
  • Easy calibration, opening of the housing during operation possible (dem [ib]);
  • Overload-proof;
  • Reverse polarity protected.


    Sensor series for combustible, toxic gases and O2